catskill park

Catskill Park

Forever Wild, Forever Beautiful

The Catskill Park is over 700,000 acres of wilderness located within the Catskill Mountains of New York State. The Park has been preserved for visitors to discover, and explore, the great outdoors while enjoying year-round activities such as, camping under the stars, hiking to the highest peaks, fly-fishing pristine waters, ski retreats, and unique wildlife viewing.

Located just a short drive from several major cities in the Northeast including New York City, Boston, Albany, and Philadelphia, the Catskill Park is a great place to escape the mundane of everyday city life to explore, and experience, something extraordinary.

What is The Catskill Forest Preserve?

The Catskill Forest Preserve was established in 1885 and encompasses 286,000 acres of state land within the park. The acreage within the preserve includes forest, meadows, wetlands and lakes. It also spans four counties: Greene, Ulster, Sullivan and Delaware.

Fire towers in the Catskill Forest Preserve were built in the 1800s to keep an eye on fire storms, but today just five remain throughout the park. They have been restored so visitors can enjoy the fantastic views from the top of five mountains: Overlook, Hunter, Red Hill, Balsam Lake and Tremper.

What Kind of Park is it?

The Catskill Park is a State Park, not a National Park. What's the difference? Well for starters, there's no fee or gate to pass through when you enter the Catskill Park, so visitors can come and go as they please.

The Catskill Park is also one of only two areas in New York State designated as "Forever Wild" – meaning the land is protected under Article XIV of the New York State Constitution. The article dictates the land "...shall be forever kept as wild forest lands. They shall not be leased, sold or exchanged, or be taken by any corporation, public or private, nor shall the timber thereon be sold, removed or destroyed." (Source:

Fun Fact: A small portion of the land in the park is owned by New York City to protect the reservoirs that provide the city with water.

What Wildlife Can I See There?

The Catskill Park is home to a variety of plants and animal species, including bears, bobcats, deer, birds, fishers and porcupines. Some of these animals are more common than others and can be spotted on the mountains and in forested areas.

Always be sure to exercise caution around wild animals, and refrain from removing plants as many of these are endangered or threatened.

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