Top 10 Region - The Catskills, USA - Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2019

Stay Safe, Stay Home

Spring has brought a season of uncertainty to the Catskills, and to the rest of the world. While we are all waiting out this storm and looking forward to getting back outside and exploring this beautiful region, we ask that everyone stay home and stay safe during this unprecedented time.

Our mountains, valleys, rolling rivers, attractions, and lodging properties will be here waiting for you when it's time to travel once again. Until then, stay safe, and stay home.

Catskills spring scene
“Stay Safe & Please Stay Home.”
covered bridge in Livingston Manor in the Catskills
“Beautiful place for a relaxing drive!”
 Fly Fishing Promo - The Birthplace of American Fly Fishing. Need I Say More?
“The Birthplace of American Fly Fishing. Need I Say More?”
solo kayaker paddling in the Catskills
“So many water routes to paddle!”
two people cycling in the Catskills
“A great place for anyone who enjoys cycling!”
motorcycling in the Catskills
“Awesome place to hit the open road!”
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