Top 10 Region - The Catskills, USA - Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2019

Gear Up For a Catskills Summer

New roads, new towns, new experiences await this summer in the Catskills.

Located just a few short hours' drive north of NYC, is a world of cool, leafy green forests, deep lakes, winding rivers, vibrant downtowns, and towering mountain summits. This summer, when wanderlust tempts, jump in your car or on a train and head to the Catskills.

Kick the weekend off by stretching your legs and go hiking in the Catskills. Trailheads are easy to find and the views are hard to forget. For dog mamas and papas, the Catskills offer a relaxing pet-friendly vacation where pups can shake off their city life and explore new paths. Find secret Catskill waterfalls and swimming holes, and book the perfect Catskills camping location with just the right amount of close-to-town and middle-of-nowhere. Find the balance between natural beauty and an epic weekend at one of many summer events, including major music festivals and charming village traditions. And don't miss the legendary dining scene, where farm-fresh meets mouth-watering at Catskills restaurants.

Visit the Catskills this summer and experience something new, somewhere new.

“It's the journey that's the fun part.”
Villa Roma Resort in the Catskills
“The resorts are just like what I saw in Mrs. Maisel!”
Discover your inner Woodstock in the Catskills
dinner plate from a Catskills restaurant
“Delicious... I found the best place to eat!”
wine glasses and wine bottle
“The wines on our tour were amazing!”
Waterfall in the Catskills
“I couldn't believe my eyes when we got to the top!”
“The view from my room was spectacular! ”
people canoeing on the Hudson River
“So many water routes to paddle!”
Camping in the Catskills
“I love centering myself out in nature.”
motorcycling in the Catskills
“Awesome place to hit the open road!”
Discover the best of the Catskills experience
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