Top 10 Region - The Catskills, USA - Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2019

Summer is Here

New roads, new towns, new experiences await this summer in the Catskills.

Shake the quarantine blues by stretching your legs and go hiking in the Catskills. Trailheads are easy to find and the views are hard to forget. Grab some take out from one of our many restaurants, find secret Catskill waterfalls and swimming holes, and enjoy a relaxing picnic while breathing the fresh air. As more attractions and shops begin to reopen, plan a fun family day out and help support local businesses.

Visit the Catskills this summer and experience something new, somewhere new.

Catskills spring scene
“Recreate Safely in the Catskills”
covered bridge in Livingston Manor in the Catskills
“Beautiful place for a relaxing drive!”
two women hiking in the Catskills
“The views during my hike were unreal!”
solo kayaker paddling in the Catskills
“So many water routes to paddle!”
two people cycling in the Catskills
“A great place for anyone who enjoys cycling!”
Waterfall in the Catskills
“I couldn't believe my eyes when we got to the top!”
Discover the best of the Catskills experience
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