fall foliage in the Catskills
overhead view of Catskills town in Greene County during the fall

Fall in the Catskills

Foliage, festivals, and fun activities make the Catskills the perfect Fall destination

Blazing colors ignite the hillsides. Cozy flannels keep you warm in cool, crisp temperatures. The smell of fresh cider fills your nose as you pick apples straight from the tree. There is an almost tangible warmth in the atmosphere that envelopes you. It's fall in the Catskills.

Get in the spirit of the season by taking advantage of the many fall attractions available in the region. Gawk at the brilliant colors, gather your friends and family and head to a fall festival, or experience something new with one of the Catskill's top fall activities. The only thing outshining the natural beauty of your surroundings will be your smile.

When does Fall Foliage Peak in the Catskills

Fall foliage typically peaks around the second week in October in the Catskills Region. However, peak colors depend entirely on specific location, altitude, and weather.

fall landscape in the Catskills

Things to do in the Catskills this Fall

Fall Foliage

One of the greatest fall attractions in the Catskills is the place itself. Changing leaves turn the Catskill Mountains into a multi-color masterpiece. Leaf-peeping is one of fall's oldest pastimes, but what's the best way to see the foliage of the Catskills? Whether you find your viewpoint from atop a mountain, in a car, or with a beverage in your hand, one thing is for certain – these colors will take your breath away.

In the Great Outdoors
There's no better way to take in the foliage than adventuring outside! Choose from hiking in the Catskill Mountains, hitting the greens with a round of golf, or spending mild fall days and cool autumn nights camping Catskills-style. Want to add a bit more adrenaline to your fall experience? Speed through the colorful forests on a mountain bike or get above the treetops on a Scenic Skyride or Zipline Adventure Tour at Hunter Mountain.

Go ziplining in the Catskills this fall!

On a Scenic Drive
Travel across rolling farm country and down winding roads. Traverse steep hillsides up to stunning waterfalls or descend to deep reservoirs glimmering with the reflections of changing leaves. The Catskills hold boundless opportunities for seeing fall foliage from the comfort of your car during a scenic drive. As you pass through the small Catskill towns and villages that dot the landscape, be sure to stop and see what special treats fall has brought to each community!

Take a scenic drive through the Catskills this fall.

With a Full Glass
The fertile soil of the Catskills grows crisp, juicy, flavorful apples, perfect for mashing into sweet apple cider and distilling into refreshing hard cider. Discover the natural taste of heirloom apples, crafted into small-batch hard cider, at Delhi's picturesque Wayside Cider. Housed in two resorted barns, their Taproom is a hipster's fall dream come true. Or, head to Abandoned Hard Cider in Parksville, the first licensed farm cidery in Sullivan County. Their cider, first created used the wild remnants of an abandoned orchard, has been polished and finessed into a well-balanced drink with all the flavors of fall.

Enjoy a refreshing cider from a Catskills cidery!

Fall Festivals

From autumnal celebrations to festive renditions of Oktoberfest, fall events in the Catskills celebrate everything from Bavarian heritage and the food and drink that flow from autumn's generous bounty, to music, art and culture, and the season itself. Experience the one-of-a-kind theatrics of a traditional Schlachtfest, enjoy fall flavors at Taste of the Catskills, or, when the time comes, find tricks and treats at local Halloween celebrations.

Fall events like Harvest Fests are so much fun!

Wake Up to Fall

Bright, golden rays peek through the curtains and dance on your bed. You rise, stretch away the last of your dreams, and walk to the window. Parting the shades, you are greeted by an incredible sight – the brilliant colors of fall bathed in morning light. That's what you have to look forward to when you take a Catskills fall vacation. Relax in a luxury hotel or cozy up in a woodsy cabin. Your home away from home is waiting amidst the beautiful red, orange, and yellow trees.

So what are you waiting for? The Catskills region is not only the ultimate fall weekend getaway, but a must-visit destination to satisfy your inner autumn obsessions. Whether your goal is to see the changing leaves, find a fall adventure worth sharing, or enjoy the crisp, refreshing flavors of the season, make the Catskills your fall headquarters and take advantage of the seasonal activities and attractions it provides!

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