Scenic Byways in Upstate NY

Hit The Apex

There are only three words to describe driving and motorcycling in the Catskills, vistas, vistas, and more vistas.

Long straights into winding uphill and downhill sections make the Catskill Mountains a driving paradise. As you line up the apex of the turn, hit the gas, and slingshot out it’s going to be hard to get that smile off your face. But, don’t just come for our smooth roads, oh no, come for the vistas along these routes. Cruise past waterfalls, meadows filled with wildflowers, summit mountains, and climb along cliffs. Saddle up – you’re in for an eye opening experience. 

Route 97 Upper Delaware Byway

Travel along dramatic cliffs following the Upper Delaware River as it cuts out the southern border of Sullivan County. With multiple outcrops along the road, motorists can pull off to enjoy beautiful views.

  • Road Type: Winding Cliff Top
  • Road Width: Tight
  • Distance: 54 miles
  • Motorist Forms: Motorcycling & Driving
  • Location: 41o 24’11.8” N 74o 43’53.5” W
Cruise Sullivan County
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Route 30

Ride through rolling hills, open farmland, and along the shores of one of the largest reservoirs in the Catskill Park. This drive has a little bit of everything from long straights, to gradual curves, to chicanes. You may end up turning around at the end and driving it in reverse it’s that fun.

  • Road Type: Straights, Gradual Curves, and Chicanes
  • Road Width: Normal
  • Distance: 38 miles
  • Motorist Forms: Motorcycling & Driving
  • Location: 41o 59’33.9” N 75o 07’55.0” W
Cruise Delaware County

Route 28-47-42-28A

A mountain mecca drive right through the heart of some of the tallest mountains in the Catskills. Surrounded by forest with curves, climbs, and downhills, this is one loop you’ll find yourself coming back to over and over again. Oh, and definitely add this to your Catskills fall foliage list.

  • Road Type: Straights, Climbs, and Downhills
  • Road Width: Tight - Normal
  • Distance: 65 miles
  • Motorist Forms: Motorcycling & Driving
  • Location: 42o 00’15.5” N 74o 15’56.0” W
Cruise Ulster County
Photo Credit: Ulster County Alive!
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Route 214 – 23A – 32 - 20

Drive along the route that’s been painted and written about countless times. Climb the surrounding mountains passing waterfalls and flowing streams along the way. Level out on long stretches of road that cut through the countryside. Head back into the forest and let the tree lined roads wiz past you. A little bit of everything you want on a scenic cruise is offered along this route.

  • Road Type: Straights and Winding
  • Road Width: Tight - Normal
  • Distance: 37 miles
  • Motorist Forms: Motorcycling & Driving
  • Location: 42o 04’59.5” N 74o 18’55.6” W
Cruise Greene County
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